Makeup and Skincare Products for all type of skin. Natural, Healthy, Toxins Free, Cruelty free!!
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Welcome to Cosmetics Beauty R – We want to enhance the natural beauty of your skin with high quality products, meaning no toxins or harmful ingredients . If you have any questions, we are happy to help.


Our selection of skincare products will help with any issue your face is going through, most are safe for all type of skin, look for yours!!  


Our lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and tints will nourishing and moisturize your lips with their selected ingredients such olive oil, cacao butter, carrot seed, beetroot, etc. Wich color is your favorite?


Ou face BAR has unique ingredients to make the perfect cocktail for your face, siriusly, main ingredients are oat milk, water quinoa and organic ingredients will for sure moisturize and nourish yor skin. Look for your natural foundation!!  

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